How to Use Time

Time is a gift, meant for your enjoyment.  But as with any gift, it can become a burden if you use it improperly or fail to understand its true nature.

We suffer from twin complaints: Having too little time and having too much of it. And we feel unhappy or guilty when we think we have wasted it.  In the regard, our approach to time is no different from our attitude towards everything else that we prize: We are inclined to save, hoard and bargain—always craving more while imposing limits on ourselves according to how much or how little we think we possess.  This is a desperate and fruitless way to enjoy anything.

Time is a gift, meant for your enjoyment.  – By Dr. Ernest F. Pecci

What can we learn from this?  That we can’t set time aside or store it for a better day.  Its value is tied to the use we make of it when it presents itself to us, and what we spend in this moment will determine what will be make available to us in the next.

The opportunity missed I never recovered.  The letter we must answer today isn’t the same as the letter we set aside until tomorrow. The kind word, the friendly gesture, the simple pleasures of the moment slip by very quickly.

Don’t worry about tomorrow.  Make use of what you have now.