Self-Pride Closes the Door

Strive to be like a little child in your acceptance, awareness and appreciation of all things, looking enthusiastically towards the next life experience.  The greatest masters say this.

Pursue greater awareness along this path and, inevitably, you will achieve greater humility.

Use this approach to counter the almost equally inevitable tendency towards vanity and self-pride that comes with growing older and learning a few things.  When you think you know something, you refuse to listen.  You compete at Who Knows Best with other, similarly, self-deceived individuals.  Proving them wrong, you nourish your own self-righteousness still further. Seeking to maintain your status, you cultivate insincerity and deceit.

Of course, deep within, you know how false this all is—and how weak you truly are in the face of the undeceived.

Try to prove a humble person wrong.  You’ll see that you can’t, since that person never tries to be right.  She never speaks deceitful words: Knowing the extent of her own ignorance, she would never seek to increase it in another.  And knowing that God puts wisdom even in the mouth of babes, she listens carefully to all who speak, attentive for any message from her higher self.